Window Cleaning

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We offer office window cleaning solutions to cope with all conditions and environments, whilst adhering to best practice and safely guidelines.

Reach and Wash
This hot water based long-reach system has many benefits including no requirement for ladders or high access equipment, it is health and Safety Compliant, is perfect for those hard to access areas, is very cost effective, and our operators work from the safety of the ground, whilst maintaining privacy in a non-obtrusive way.

Abseiling allows for access to those areas where all other methods are not really viable. All of our abseil operatives are hugely experienced and fully trained to deal with high level window cleaning.

Ladders and Cherry Pickers
Excel Office Cleaning utilize a vast array of Ladders, Cherry Pickers, Hydraulic Platforms and Scissor lifts where this will prove the best solution for your needs. All machines are operated by our fully trained staff.

These come into their own for high rising buildings where a deeper clean may be required. Our operatives are experienced and fully trained in the safe use of cradles.

I was back at work for the first time in 4 weeks and, boy, can you tell the difference that you have taken over the cleaning!