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Our Top 3 Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Updated: Mar 18

Your carpet should look in pristine condition and you work hard to keep it looking clean, but now that winter has arrived, so too does the dirt that customers and employees track into your office.

Between winter slush, muddy footprints, and wet umbrellas – let alone allergens like pollen and pet dander and germs – it seems like almost everything outside can be tracked inside and potentially stain, damage and eventually ruin your carpets.

In this blog, we detail our top tips for minimising damage and extending the overall health and life of your carpet.

  1. Use Door Mats

  2. Vacuum Often

  3. Get in the Professionals

Protecting Your Carpet

One of the best things you can do to maintain and increase the longevity of your carpets is to prevent dirt, mud, snow and water from getting on them.

Use Door Mats

Step one is placing door mats at every entry way. Walking over these mats can release the debris on shoes before they enter the rest of the space including carpeted areas, which can significantly decrease damage.

Adding an area rug to high traffic areas like hallways and doorways can reduce the damage to your carpets as well. It’s easier and considerably more affordable to replace area rugs when they show wear and tear than it is to replace wall-to-wall carpeting.

Vacuum Often

Step two is to vacuum frequently to pick up the loose dirt before it has time to settle and get ground into the carpet, which can potentially erode the carpet fibres and become a more permanent stain.

In high traffic areas, vacuuming your carpets multiple times a week will help maintain its appearance and even extend the carpet’s life and value.

Get in the Professionals

At least twice a year, it’s recommended to use a professional carpet cleaning service to clean the heavy traffic areas and ground-in dirt and allergens in your carpets and sanitize them to remove bacteria and germs. Replacing carpet is costly, so you want to be sure to take proper care of it to enhance its appearance, keep it safe and healthy, and extend its life.

How Can We Help?

These tips and tricks can help slow the wear and tear on your carpets but to ensure you get the maximum possible value and life from your investment, a regular carpet cleaning programme is your best bet.

We can build a carpet cleaning programme into your cleaning schedule, or you can just book it in when required.

The chemicals we use for this process can now include an antiviral product for that extra peace of mind.

We can also get rid those pesky glue marks of from any Covid stickers – they’ll attract the dirt like nothing else!

If you’d like to discuss adding a carpet cleaning programme to your schedule or to book one separately, just give us a call today on 01483 362045, or email us at customerservice@excelofficecleaning.com

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