• Sally Fenton

Our Brand New Anti-Viral Cleaning System

Updated: Mar 1

At Excel Office Cleaning, we are committed to not only providing a clean environment for our clients, but also a safe and hygienic one.

After the challenges of the last year and a half still linger, we have further invested in an enhanced anti-viral disinfection spraying system effectively killing viruses (including Covid 19), bacteria and more.

This is essential for peace of mind following a positive case in your office, but also ideal for regular use to help reduce risk and enhance the cleaning protocols within your office environment.

Through advanced anti-static spray technology that literally “wraps” around objects, a rapid and effective environmental decontamination is achieved, even in those hard-to-reach places.

Office downtime is kept to the absolute minimum, and large areas will be thoroughly disinfected quickly and efficiently.

For a regular or immediate reactive service, contact us today by emailing customerservice@excelofficecleaning.com or call our friendly team on 01483 362045.

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