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Our Top Tips for a Sparkling Fridge

Updated: Jan 10

Now that the festive period is over, the time is now to clean out your fridge!

An essential, but often neglected task, cleaning the office fridge is vital to maintaining staff health, and in this blog, we’ll be detailing our top tips for a sparkling fridge.

1. Prepare Yourself

We don’t mean mentally, well, potentially depending on how long you’ve left it, but more physically.

To get it done right, you’ll need the right equipment:

  • Rubber gloves.

  • Several sponges or cleaning cloths.

  • If your sink is further way, pop a tub of hot water nearby.

  • Food safe anti-bacterial washing up liquid or spray.

  • Glass cleaner.

  • A cool bag with some ice packs.

Now that you’ve got all the gear, lets give you an idea…

2. Clear Out All Food

The last thing you want is your orange zest anti-bacterial spray all over your lunch, so start by clearing out all the food in the fridge. If you don’t have enough space to empty the entire fridge, work shelf by shelf.

Bin any food that’s past its use by date, pop any items like dairy or meat in the cool bags with the ice packs to keep them cool while you clean.

Collect any food containers to the side and then pull on those rubber gloves.

3. Remove any Shelves and Drawers

Once the food is out of the way, the next step is to remove any shelves and drawers.

Find a safe spot on the counter top to set them for the time being, as they’ll need a moment to warm up slightly.

Cleaning them with warm water immediately can cause cracks, and in the case of any glass shelving, can shatter them entirely.

4. Tackle the Inside

Using your food safe anti-bacterial spray or washing up liquid, wipe down the interior of the fridge, paying special attention to any nooks and crannies (you can use a soft brush to clean these out!)

Once you’ve done this, use a soft cloth or paper towel to thoroughly dry all surfaces, ready for the shelves and drawers to go back in.

Clean any debris from the drain at the back to ensure easy flow of excess water and prevent any blockages.

5. Shelves & Drawers

Now the inside is done, it’s time to get to work on the shelves and drawers.

Although they will have been left out for a while, be sure that any water used isn’t too hot, to avoid any damage.

Depending on how dirty they are, wash them down with either an anti-bacterial spray and a cloth, or with some warm soapy water and a sponge.

If you have time, leave them to air dry, if not, dry them off with a clean towel or paper towel.

6. Jars, Bottles, and Containers

The last thing you want is to put dirty bottles and jars back into your sparkling fridge.

Run any dirty containers under warm water to clean off any stickiness, and if there’s any gunk around the lids, remove them and wash it thoroughly in some soapy water.

Dry them off and pop them back in the fridge with the rest of the food.

7. Outside as Well as In

The final step is to clean the outside of the fridge.

Ideally using some anti-bacterial spray, wipe down the doors and handles, paying special attention to the seals as this is where crumbs can often congregate.

Finally, dry it off with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel and take a moment to appreciate your handiwork.

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