Anti-viral Cleaning

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We Keep your colleagues and clients safe with our Anti-Viral cleaning solutions

Keeping You Safe


The importance of a clean and hygienic workplace has never been higher. As colleagues and employees return to the office, making sure that they feel safe is vital, and this is where our virus prevention cleaning service can help.

Complete Decontamination


Our misting decontamination system is proven to kill Covid-19 and other viruses in 30 seconds, and features the following elements:


  • It’s food safe, meaning it can be used in scenarios where food is prepared or eaten.

  • It uses brand new wraparound electrostatic technology to ensure even hard to reach areas are disinfected.

  • It’s proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria EN1276. It’s also suitable and approved for use on dirty as well as clean surfaces (5 minute kill time on dirty surfaces).

  • It comes in robust, portable container that can be used anywhere.

  • The solution is not an alcohol-based product, making it completely non-flammable and safe to use around electrics, unlike other alcohol-based sprays.

  • It is suitable for all surfaces, including upholstery, leather, plastic, and metal.

  • It leaves areas safe and ready to use, immediately.

I was back at work for the first time in 4 weeks and, boy, can you tell the difference that you have taken over the cleaning!